Monat: März 2005

  • Got a Name

    Finally I have chosen a name for this site I can live with; it took a while, but now there is also some reasoning about this site.

  • Does Windows XP suck?

    Actually, from time to time, it sucks big time. Recent example: The webdav client. First of all, it takes 5 (!) clicks before you can enter the address. Then, if you want to authenticate, you will be presented a dialog where you can enter username and password. So far, so good, but if you expect […]

  • Nickel-Metallhydrid Akkus

    …in Form von AA oder AAA Standardbatterien sind eine feine Sache; von der Kapazität her kommen sie mittlerweile praktisch an Einweg-Alkali-Batterien heran; eine Mignonzelle (AA) erreicht als Alkalibatterie höchstens 3000mAh, NiMh-Akku inzwischen bis zu 2500 mAh. Alkali-Batterien sind aber nicht hochstromtauglich, bei 5oo mA Stromentnahme halbiert sich die Kapazität, bei 1A bekommt man nur 500 […]

  • Airborne…

    Finally all the pieces came together. Some weeks ago I took a nice old box with PentiumII-450 with a 9GB Fast SCSI disc, silenced it and started to install gentoo linux from the scratch. After weeks of quite smooth compilation and configuration, I finally have a rock solid gateway and server connected to my dsl […]