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Die bundesrepublikanischen Volksvertreter der 15. Legisllaturperiode sind natürlich in aller Pracht im Web vertreten; auch die der 13. und 14. Periode sind so nett aufbereitet. Da stehen Dinge drin, auf die bei Jauch oder Pilava kaum einer kommen würde, jedenfalls ich nicht:

In welcher Stadt wurde Angela Merkel geboren?


Ja, die Antwort ist Hamburg.

Benchmarking Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Lua, Java, C++ and Assembly language

I admit it, I am a performance fetishist, maybe that’s the reason why I always looked down on the web a bit, and why 3D realtime visual simulation is still my favourite field of development activity, but I admit, cpu cycles are cheap and still getting cheaper, and human brainpower is expensive, and will be more expensive in the future, […]

Programming Languages

Found myself recently spending some time thinking about programming languages. My preferred language is still C++, which I have mastered almost at guru level. You can do incredible things with modern C++ design, but with all those people using JAVA, Python, Ruby and even C#, I might become a FORTRAN or COBOL programmer of our time: maybe respected, but […]