Monat: September 2005

  • Microbenchmarking 3: C#

    I added C# to the list of microbenchmarks I did recently. C# The C# test were made using Visual Studio 2003, using the default settings for Debug and Release versions. Compared to C++, there is some small performance penalty with the tight loop tests. Matrix multiply is even slower than in Java, ten times slower […]

  • More Microbenchmarking

    [This is a follow-up on a previous entry.] I did some more micro-benchmarking, adding four more languages to list: Perl, LISP, Dylan and Scheme. To all critics of microbenchmarking: I think these benchmarks do yield more undisputable numbers than many “real-world” benchmarks: The LOOP and the CALL benchmarks mark absolute upper limits: You will not […]